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Chris Tomlin - Glorious tab

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These are the right chords.  There are some...interesting arrangements floating around, 
I promise you won't be disappointed with this.

Glorious Chords by Chris Tomlin,

We lift our hands in praise to You.
D2                                    G
We lift our hearts in worship to You, Lord.
We lift our voice to You and sing.
D2                                  G
Our greatest love will ever be You, Lord.
G           D2
You, Lord.

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D2      A      Cadd9
     Em7   G
Over us.
You shall reign.


There is a King that we adore.
D2                                    G
With humble hearts we bow before You, Lord.
There is a place we long to be.
D2                                    G
Yes, face to face we long to see You, Lord.
G          D2
You, Lord.


B  G            B
Majesty and power.
B      G                (A)
Are Yours alone forever.
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