Chris Tomlin - God Almighty chords

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God Almighty - Chris Tomlin
Tabbed by: Matt
Email: mnlynam from the land of gmail

(capo 2nd fret)


[Em] [D] [G] [Am]
[Em] [D] [G] [Am] [C]

Verse 1:

Like the [C] waters roar… is your [G/B] voice, oh Lord
There is [Am] none before… and [D] none beside
You are [C] set apart… You a-[G/B]-lone are God
Your glory [Am] reaches far… from [C] sky to [D] sky


[G] Holy, [Am] holy, [Em] Lord God Al-[C]-mighty
[Em] Early in the [C] morning, we will [D] sing
[G] Holy, [Am] holy, we [Em] bow down be-[C]-fore thee
[Em] All your children [Bm] love to sing your [C] name
[C] God Al-[D]-mighty

Interlude 1: [Em] [D] [G] [Am]
Interlude 2: [G/B] [C] [Em] [G] God Almighty [C] [G] [D]
Interlude 3: [G] [G] [G] [G] [G]

Verse 2:

You're the [C] breath of life… You're the [G/B] God on high
Your [Am] song shall rise… and never [C] pass a-[D]-way
Oh your [C] majesty… ever-[G/B]-more shall be
The earth, the [Am] skies, the sea… shall [C] bring you [D] praise



And I [G/B] hide my [C] eyes with my [Em] face to the [G] ground
In the [C] presence [G] of your [D] majes-[G]-ty
And I [G/B] clap my [C] hands and I [Em] lay my [G] crowns
In the [C] presence [G] of your [D] majes-[G]-ty

(bridge! x2)
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