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We Fall Down by Chris Tomlin

This song uses a very common chord progression of A2,E,B4,and C#m, and this progression
is very pretty when the B4 is played as an open chord.  The chords are actually very
easy to play because the ring finger and pinky stay on strings 3&4 for the B4,A2, and 
C#m, so it's very easy to switch between these chords.  just slide the ring finger and pinky.
God Bless!!

Chords used:
E: 022100
B4: x24400
C#m: x46654
A2: x02200

Verse 1:

E                 B4     C#m           A2      B4
We fall down, we lay our crown at the feet of Jesus
E                     B4       C#m           A2     B4
The greatness of His mercy and love at the feet of Jesus


       A2    E     B4
We cry Holy, Holy, Holy
       A2    E     B4
We cry Holy, Holy, Holy
       A2    E     B4          E
We cry Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb

Verse 2:

No more fears, You've dried our tears at the feet of Jesus
Grace abounds to all who've found the feet of Jesus
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