Chris Wollard - Over Mine chords

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  chris wollard
  over mine

  heres the chords
     a  f  g\c  g


 a   g\c  a  g\c  a  g\c  f


  a           f       g\c  a       
f           g\c
  the shaking deep inside, my heart builds up at night
  a             f      g\c        f
  in waves that slowly rise, and crash out of me
  a             f           g\c    a        
 f         g\c
  and flames of rage find life, and tears of pain they fly
  a                 f     g\c   f
  from streams that never dry, so i remember

  a    g         f
  your hand over mine
  a    g         f
  your body over mine
  a    g         f          f    f
  taking our sweet time

  a  g   f
  a  f   g\c
  a  g   f
  a   f   g\c

  2nd verse

 i lay awake at night, big windows open wide
 and wait there for a sign, so i can slip away

 but questions seem to fly, on wings that never tire
 of love after we die, so i remember

 your hand over mine, and your body over mine, taking our sweet time

 time, time ,time, time
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