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Christian Bautista - My Heart Has A Mind Of His Own tab

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To Ms. Kristeen Jean Babano....It's a nice song..

Tabbed by: Ric Tobias

Intro: F - Am - Bb - C

F              Am                Bb   
People try and tell me that it's crazy
Am             Dm             Bb
You and I were never meant to be
Em                   A        Dm           C   
I don't believe they know and even if it's so
G                     Bb
I'm fallen anyway, no matter what they say

Am        Dm              Bb
A part of me is taking me by the hand
Am              Dm
The world can't see still 
they can't understand
Why can't they understand?

    F                      Am
My heart has a mind of its own
Right or wrong it's gonna do only
        Dm        C
What it feels is true
     Bb                    Am
I'll follow it wherever it goes
Anywhere it leads me to
   C                                  FAmBb - C
My heart has a mind. . . .Mind of its own

F              Am        Bb
Maybe we won't always be together
Am             Dm             Bb
Maybe this'll last a thousand years
Em           A         Dm           C
Ain’t nobody know, and even if they did
   G                         Bb
It wouldn't matter now, I'd love you anyhow

(Repeat Refrain & Chorus)

My heart knows what I'm needing
My heart knows what I'm feeling
Bb                        Am
It knows me better that I know myself
Bb                        Am
My heart knows what I'm missin
All I Have to do is to listen 
And Listen well.. .. ..

(Repaet chorus)
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