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Christopher Isto White - Banana Song tab

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Tuned a half step down in the video :
I haven't spent a whole lot of time on this so it's not super accurate. It's more of a 
hand to you who are trying to figure it out.
I'm going to finish it when i have more time.

Intro: |D|Bm|G|A A7|

Well the Pope was sick last week
He hadn't gotten enough sleep
        G                            A    A7
So they called me in to speak in his stead
So i pulled out a pen, wrote down a speech
went up to the podium and then
D       A      D
this is what i said...

Chorus chords: D|G|D|A 
Banana x10
Banana x10

Well the catholics they all loved me
and they thought so highly of me
that they sent me on an international tour

And everywhere I went
all the birds and all the gents
would beg me to give them an encore
So i said...

Banana x10
Banana x10

Well now that i was a religious celebrity
People from all the states came to see me
so they could hear and cheer and for the great, banana boy

Jews and Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists
Jesus Christ and his buddy Judas
would come to let me fill them all with joy
so i said...
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Banana x10
Banana x10 (kinda crazy)

Well Ralph Nader came onto me and said
Would you like to run for the green party
in Americas next presidential election?

The party had even changed it's name
from green to yellow because of my fame
There was only one way, i could answer that question. Hahaha!
I said...

Banana x10
Banana x10 (kinda crazy)

Well the polls said i was rocking bush
and hell i didn't even push
to come up with clever and grammatically correct oration

I decided to write down something new
and on election night i flooded the tubes (?)
and prepared to give my new speech to the nation
I said...

Tomato x10 (kinda crazy)
Tomato x10 (crazy, varies in pronunciation)

Well the people thought it sucked
and the people all said "Yuch"
and they threw what i had asked for, at me

As bush victoriously stuttered
Nader shook his head and muttered
"Well there goes the US. presidency

Now some days when i wear a wig
I can still find ways to get a gig
and when I do I'm always last to play

Unless the crowd should boo or hiss
I know what to do now I no longer miss
If you come to see me, you're sure to hear me say...

Banana x10
Banana x10

Banana, banana, ba-nunununununununu-nana banana
Banananananananananaaanaaanaaa bananananananananaaaaaaa....... (crazier and crazier)

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