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Chuck Ragan - Get Em All Home chords

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Chuck Ragan - Get em all Home
Gold Country (2010)
Listen to the original song for strumming patterns and chords variations.

Bm (2nd string:alternate between open and 3rd fret), D, A, G

Verse 1
Bm          D     A           G
Put me on a ship, put me on a plain
Bm               D                A                    G
'Cause lord, I'm on my way to the land of the lost and insane
Bm                   D    A                  G
Well i don't know my way, but I will know my cause
Bm  D                         A                            G
All I can do is pray that the world will see what this war cost

D             A (A-Bb-C)
And I'm on my way
C                  G
Feet don't fail me now
D                  A (A-Bb-C)
'Cause my brothers lay
C               G
in the dirt all around
Get em all home

Verse 2
Ain't no sense in crying, maybe in dying
Cause hell on earth has a way of finding the weakness in town
Gotta keep this head high, gotta fight a good fight
Even when i lay low in the night to find rest the last minutes of light/life (?)

And I'm on my way
Feet don't fail me now
'Cause my brothers lay
in the dirt all around

God rest these souls
Get this one home
Where the sun sets slow
And the ocean is calm
Get em all home

Get em all home (repeat)

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