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Chumbawamba - Day The Nazi Died tab

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Chumbawamba - The Day The Nazi Died

INTRO: 4| D G | D A | D G | A D |

        D                    G
We're taught that after the war
            D                  A
the nazis vanished without a trace
      D               G
but batallions of fascists
            A             D
still dream of a master race
       D                 G
The history books they tell of
        D       A
their defeat in 45
              D                    G
why did they all come out of the woodwork
        A             D
on the day the nazi died
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                D           G
They say the prisoner of Spandau
        D         A
was a symbol of defeat
        D                G
whilst Hess remained imprisoned
            A                D
then the fascists they were beat
         D            G                  D           A			
so the promise of an aryan world would never materialize
               D                     G
so why did they all come out of the woodwork
        A            D
on the day the nazi died

...same chords as the other verses...

the world is ridden by maggots
the maggots are getting fat
they're making a tasty meal
of all the bosses and bureacrats
they're taking over the board rooms
and they're fat and full of pride
and they all came out of the woodwork
on the day the nazi died

so if you meet with these historians
i'll tell you what to say
tell them that the nazis never really went away
they're out there burning houses down
and they're peddling racist lies
and we'll never rest again
until every nazi dies

: (D | G | A | D)



--MiScHiEf BrEw--
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