Chvrches - Tether chords

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Am F
                                  D  G         G  Am
Where'd you go, you were there by my side
                            Am  G              C  F
Keep believing it's my turn to hide
                               D  G            G Am
In a place where we don't have a prayer
                                Am  G          C
There's a tether that's keeping me there

D                               Am
Trade our places
G                               G Am
Take no chances
                Am        G     D  
Bind me 'til my lips are silent
F                               Am
Stay where you are
G                               F
Ever, after
Am                  Am            G 
Chasing things that we should run from

F                               G
Will we ever get away from this place
Am                                G
It's an image that's burned on my chest
F                           G
For a moment you need me to stay
Am                        G
Cold blooded and drifting away


I'm feeling capable of
Seeing the end
            D       Am
I'm feeling capable of
Saying it's over
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