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Ciara - Tell Me What Your Name Is tab

So i was just messing around and thought that these chords sounded pretty good. 
You can strum it if you want to but i think plucking the strings works and sounds 
the best for this song.

B----7--x--7--x----| \
G----8--x--7--x----|  \ Repeat 4 times 
D----9--x--8--x----|  /
A----7--x--9--x----| /
Iím used to men approaching me
Tryna talk to me.
Always tryna buy me things
Drinks to diamond rings.
Fast cars, first class to the Philippines
Thatís a daily thing.
It donít interest me. 

Once you get to the 2nd half of the Verse, you switch the orders of the chords like so:

B----7--x--7--x----| \
G----7--x--8--x----|  \ Repeat 4 times end on (798777)
D----8--x--9--x----|  /
A----9--x--7--x----| /
Just then it came as a surprise.
When I looked into your eyes.
Never walked up to a guy.
But here I go. 

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B----7--7--7--x----| \
G----8--7--7--x----|  \ Repeat 3 times
D----9--9--8--x----|  /
A----7--7--9--x----| /
I donít wanna waste your time.
I just wanna make you mine.
Wanna play with you all night.
So tell me what your name is.
And I know Iím acting strange.
Girls ainít suppose to talk this way.
But I canít let you slip away.
So tell me what your name is. 

Now, just like the verse, you reverse the order of the chords in the last line of 
the chorus which goes "So tell me what your name is" so you do this:

B----7--7--7--x----| \
G----7--7--8--x----|  \ Repeat 3 times
D----8--9--9--x----|  /
A----9--7--7--x----| /

The same thing applies for the other verse and chorus and i think the bridge 
sounds more or less like the 2nd half of the verse. Try it out and see.

any questions or comments, email me at

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