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Cinematic Sunrise - You Told Me You Loved Me Acoustic tab

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so this is an amazing song from an amazing band..even though its played on a piano you
play it on guitar and it sounds you can watch craig play it acoustic by ..i tabbed this from watching the video so i 
its right.enjoy...i now notice that when i submit the tab the chord names are not in the
places however if you watch the video you can easily pick up where the changes should be made.

[Chords Used]

   A  D  D/C# F# E

[Verse 1]

A                                    F#
You said you loved me.
A            F#                     A
More than anyone else could ever know.
But now your leaving.
A            F#                 D
Can we just try to work this out?
                    D  D/C# F#
And I've never been one to brag.

             A        D
Please don't go, just stay.
               F#                   E
I watched with tears in my eyes as you walked away.
            A              D
Miss your voice, and your touch.
          F#                         E
And If I told you I loved you could that be enough

[Verse 2]

A          F#
An endless silence.
A                   F#
It's been too long since I've heard from you.
A          F#
And I lay sleepless
A               F#                     D      D/C#   
Knowing that my heart still belongs to you.
                    D  D/C# F#
and I've never been one to brag.

[Chorus x2]

[Outro x4]

    A              D             F#                   E
And tonight I stay home and miss you more than you'll ever know.
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