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Citipointe Live - In The Highest chords

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Hello guys! This time, since I couldn't find this on this site, I pretty much 
learned this song by ear to the best of my ability.
The song:
You will need a capo on the first fret to follow the chords, or you could 
transpose this as well to suit yourself.

In The Highest 

Intro: C  G  D  
Verse 1: 
There's no greater love than this 
G            D        C 
  For You to save us, burdened with all our sin 
G             D              C   G   D 
  You came to take this from us 

Verse 2: 
As the heavens mourned 
G             D                 C 
  And all the clouds went grey, all the earth's restored 
G         D            C  G  D 
  By Your saving grace 

       C           Em7 
As the barrier was broken 
        G                C 
Between heaven and earth 
Csus2                   D 
All the heavens cried out

              CM7                 D 
Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb 
              C                     D 
Seated on the throne, seated on the throne 
You are God in the highest 

Verse 3: 
 C                           G              D 
Eternal love unfailing grace,  the gift You freely gave 
Son of God and son of man 
G        D                   C      G  D 
  At the cross You took Your stand 

Interlude to Bridge: Em  D/F#  G

Bridge 1: 
Em            D/F# 
  You are the One 
Who is and will be to come 
Glory in the Highest 

Bridge 2:
Em       D/F#     G 
Highest, highest, highest, You are God in the Highest 
Em       D/F#     G 
Highest, highest, highest
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