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Citizen Fish - City On A River tab

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From: "Andrew Nicholson" 
Subject: c/citizen_fish/city_on_a_river.crd
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 15:13:35 EST

			City On A River- CITIZEN FISH (from the album thirst)

By: archer (

    G    Bb   A    G#   G    Bb    A      D


   G    Bb   A   F#   G   Bb   A    A

It's too  hard and time consuming to put the progressions in with the
i'll leave it to you- dick is too good a lyricist to work out where to
each chord for each wrod- i can't be fucked to do it....

interlude before chorus: (power chords) A D A D A DDDDDDDDDD

the chorus is just power chords:

G Bb D F (octave) G (octave) D C F (octave)
G Bb D F (octave) G (octave) D C C

And the little interludy bit is just

G maj Bb maj and Fm maj

and that's about it for the chords...
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