Citizens - Sins Of My Youth chords

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This is the version Zach Bolen plays on his instruction video on youtube. 
Everything should be exactly as is played in the actual version.
Does NOT include the secondary guitar part. 

C             G
Entangled by chords
Em            D
Bred to destroy
C             G
Caught in the snares
Em            D
You still heard my voice

In my distress 
I cried for your hand
Lifted out of death 
a new creation

C      G         Em
Please remember not
The sins of my youth so 
C      G         Em
Good and upright are 
the ways of your truth

Verse 2 
C         G
You have made known
Em        D
The way to follow
C              G
I need you to be my guide
Em         D
And stronghold

Oh my God, in 
you Iím trusting
All the paths you set are true,

G      D/F#       Em       
I love you, Lord, and all your ways
Bm          C
No end to the shouts of praise
G      D/F#       Em
Enthroned, forever reigning
Bm          C
My God, and my salvation

Chorus 2
G            Em
You remember not
The sins of my youth 
G            Em
So good and upright are
The ways of the truth
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