City And Colour - Little Hell tab

City and Colour
Little Hell
From the album Little Hell! Go buy it, it's truly beautiful :)

Tab by Joe Lewis-Brown

Tuning: Standard
Capo 5th Fret

I was hoping for a tab to this, but there wasn't any so i decided i'd do it myself, itís 
a beautiful song and I hope you understand what I am writing!

This is my first tab aha!

Intro/ Verse: (Chords and main hammer ons/ pull off's, but figure general picking 
yourself & when drums and bass come in strumming starts)

E 0  0       0  0
B 1  1       1  1
G 2  0       2  0 3/0
D 2  2  2/0  2  2
A 0  3       0  0
E x  X       X  X

Chorus: (there's a degree of difficulty in dealing with me...)

Not quite sure on this, please e-mail any corrections, but it works well with vocals!

E 0  0  0  0
B 0  1  0  1
G 0  0  0  2
D 2  2  2  2
A 2  3  2  0
E 0  0  0  0

As for the outro (will we get out, of this little hell?...) It sounds exactly the same 
as the chorus, but ofcourse once again just e-mail me any differences :)

Thank-you, i hope this atleast helped along the way to learning it!
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