City And Colour - The Way It Used To Be tab

                            The Way It Used To Be - City & Colour
Tabbed by: Josh M

Tuning: Standard
Capo: Second fret

This is just a basic layout of the song and is my first attempt at tabbing and 
submitting a tab. Listen to the song for the strumming pattern. There are the standard improv 
hammer-on/pull-offs that the singer uses so listen to the album.

e |---0-----0-----0-----0------------------------------|
B |---3-----0-----1-----1------------------------------|
G |---0-----0-----0-----0------------------------------|
D |---0-----2-----2-----4------------------------------|
A |---2-----2-----3-----5------------------------------|
E |---3-----0-----3-----5------------------------------|

***The chords are mostly the same except for the chorus he uses this chord

Again, the above is just a rough layout of the song and sounds the same when played 
along with the acoustic version. Any feedback, corrections are welcomed....if it sounds 
wrong it probably is but you can't blame a guy for trying... just listen to it.
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