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City And Colour - The Hurry And The Harm chords

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Nothing against the first tab, the chords sound great but I’m fairly confident 
Dallas wouldn’t down-tune like that when he could just put a capo on the 2nd fret, 
something he’s done very often since “Sometimes”.

Capo on 2nd fret, all chords relative to the capo

  C/G    C2    G     Am    F    F2

You don’t necessarily have to play the C2 and F2 unless you want to match exactly 
what’s played on the record.

Electric guitar feedback on a C chord or note, whichever you prefer.


C/G, C2, Am, F, F2


     C/G        C2
Everyone, wants everything
              Am                               F         F2
No matter the cost, we're longing to live in a dream
       C/G                         C2
But we can't let go to all that we think we know
           Am                           F      F2
This great escape, until we give up the ghost


   But why are we so worried more about the hurry
Am      G              F
    And less about the harm
   Always trying to conquer that which does not offer
Am           G                  F
    Anything more than a broken heart
                      C/G (back to verse chords)
Oh what a cause for alarm



                       F     G  
Oh what a cause for alarm
                       Am    F
Oh what a cause for alarm
               F    G
A cause for alarm
               Am   F
A cause for alarm
                      C/G (End with one repetition of the verse chords)
I'm going back to the start

End on C/G
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