City And Colour - Coming Home tab

CAPO 2 (This is my first tab so dont be too harsh) Also, I dont know what chord is used, 
so im gonna label it C* (if anyone knows what it is let me know)
Bacially its a C shape but slide it down one fret.
So it's:


So here's the lick if youd like to play it:

Chords: Em C* C C* Em

Em                        C* C
Well I've been down to Georgia

                          C* Em
I've seen the streets in the West

                     C* C                   C* Em
I've driven down the 90, hell I've seen America's best
                        C* C               C* Em
I've been through the Rockies, I've seen Saskatoon
                       C* C                           C* Em
I've driven down the highway 1 just hopin' that I'd see you soon
             C*     C        C     Em
Cause I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home


I've never been to Alaska, but I can tell you this,

I've been to Lincoln, Nebraska and hell you know it ain't worth shit

I've been through Nova Scotia, Sydney to Halifax

I'll never take any pictures cause I know I'll just be right back

Cause I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home

I've seen a palace in London, I've seen a castle in Wales

but I'd rather wake up beside you and breathe that ol' familiar smell

I never thought you could leave me, I figured I was the one

but I understand your sadness so I guess I should just hold my tongue

But I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home

I know that we're takin' chances, you told me life was a risk

but I just have one last question...

will it be my heart or will it be his?

I'm comin' home
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