City And Colour - Sleeping Sickness chords

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Sleeping Sickness
City And Colour
Em - C - G - G/F# - Em - C - G

Verse 1:
G/F# Em                       C   G     
I awoke only to find my lungs empty 
    G/F#        Em                        C     G       
And through the night so it seems I'm not breathing 
    G/F#   Em                                C        G
And now my dreams are nothing like they were meant to be
        G/F#     Em                C          G
And I'm breaking down, I think I'm breaking down

Verse 2:
    G/F#   Em                           C      G
And I'm afraid to sleep because of what haunts me
G/F# Em                 C      G
Such as living with the uncertainty
 G/F#     Em                                      C       G
That I'll never find the words to say which would completely explain,
G/F# Em            C          G  G/F# (stop!)
       Just how I'm breaking down

G                 Em               C
Someone come and, someone come and save my life
            G              Em
Maybe I'll sleep when I am dead
But now it's like the night is taking sides
     G                    Em         C
With all the worries that occupy the back of my mind
         G          Em          C
Could it be this misery will suffice?

Em - C - G - G/F# - Em - C - G

Verse 3: 
G/F#    Em                       C          G                  
I've become a simple souvenir of someone's kill 
    G/F#     Em                               C       G
And like the sea I'm constantly changing from calm to ill
G/F# Em                                      C        G 
     Madness fills my heart & soul as if the great divide 
could swallow me whole
G/F#  Em          C         G    G/F# (stop!)
        Oh how I'm breaking down


Bridge (Guitar solo over chorus) 

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