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City Harvest Church - Secret Place chords

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C                  [ch]G2/B[/ch] 
Lord of my life, I love You
Am7                G/F      F   C/E 
Lord of my days, I trust in You
Dm7                F/G             Am7
Living beneath the shelter of Your wings
My heart's safe

C                   [ch]G2/B[/ch] 
When I am lost, You find me
Am7                   G/F     F   C/E 
When I'm in need, You shelter me
Dm7        F/G       C             Csus
Lord of my life, You are my secret place

Am7               Cmaj7/G 
Clothe me in Your presence Lord
F2              [ch]C2/E[/ch] 
Draw me near to You
Dm              F/C             Bb2 G7sus G
All my heart, I long to give to You

Am           Cmaj7/G
Living to be near You, Lord
  F2               [ch]C2/E[/ch]
I long to see Your face
Dm7          F/G       C      Csus
Lord forever You're my secret place

C      Csus C     Csus 
You're my   peace 
C      Csus C     Dm
You're my   rest
[ch]C2/E[/ch]   F2 C/G  G    C      Csus
You're my se - cret place
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