Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Goodbye To Mother And The Cove tab

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Clap your hands say yeah
"Goodbye To Mother And The Cove"

She smiles
Then she laughs and then
She rights the wheel
On the road again
	F	C	F
While all you fear are her thighs


A man
makes a man a man
is that the way
to kiss a friend?
She is not
She is so
    F		C
Kindly meet me under stairs
  Dm	       F		C
a city skyline just don't care what comes
	F            C
but we should mind that we don't

     F	        A	F	C	   F	    C
To sound Them bells Skin thick To tell Not sick Nor well

[Same chords on and on…]

The air To speak The nose The feet The ear

To see Too fool To stop Too late Blue cop And you
Are meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

To wear No clothes To strike No pose No hook No shoes
Quick eat Then home

To clean them bones To stick To guts The art Of loud Too neat Too proud

No taste No foul The part To keep To yield To beat.....

Tabbed by your friend Panilson.
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