Clash - 48 Hours chords

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hello this song is great for new or old time clash fans if you play this song with 
barre chords it is great, but you could use open chords if your a singer

E               F#
friday or saturday what does that mean

a short space of time needs a heavy scene

C               D
monday coming like a jail on wheels 

G         D          B   A
48 hours needs a 48

G         D          B   A

48 hours needs a 48 

G         D         E   E  (stay on E for two counts)

48 hours needs a 48 thrills

the solo is on fret 7 and 5 if you can play really fast you could pick it up
or you can keep it as joe's bit

that's it guys lyrics on the net it is repeated 3 times with words
Josh blythin the music stand
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