Clay Walker - Where Do I Fit In The Picture chords

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        D              A                G
Well it looks like you finally made the front page
D          A                G
You always did look good in white
D                 A            G  
Hope you like the ring of your new name
    D            A      G
The one he'll be givin' tonight

D      A       G
All of this is news to me
D          A             G
I wondered why you never called
D                A        G     
Guess that's the way it's meant to be
D               A
If you're gonna ride, 
You gotta learn to fall

D        A            G
Where do I fit in the picture
D    A             G
Do I really fit at all
D       A          G            G G/F# Em
Or have I become a fixture 
Em     A               D
On an old forgotten wall

VERSE II: Same progression as first

Looks like I finally made the front page
You know you always said I would
Things are well here in room twenty eight
God I hope your doin' good

There's a picture in my wallet
That I look at sometimes
And it sends chills through my bones
Long lost love, whatever you want to call it
But it just won't leave me alone

Repeat Chorus

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