Cledus T Judd - Goodbye Squirrel tab

			     GOODBYE SQUIRREL - Cledus T. Judd

Tabbed by: bobcats#5


Tuning: Standard

C                          F
Me and Harold Bumpert were outdoors men
C                    G
Set in our backwoods ways
C                   F
Both members of the huntin' club
C                  G C
Both active in the NRA -Nation Redneck Association
C                              F
We scouted a location where we had no doubt
C                                 G
We'd kill the biggest buck in the world-about a 34 pointer
C                    F
Harold waited in his tree stand 
C           G          C
But, all he seen was a squirrel
C                                 F
Dang near two weeks since the the season started and 
C                     G
Neither one of us was amused
            C               F
We had a on real tree camo, high-powered ammo
    C      G       C
But no big game to shoot
C                             F
Then we finally saw a deer as big as a horse
C                    G
Harold had it in his cross-hairs
         C                     F
But that squirrel jumped off a branch above us and 
C         G        C
Landed in Harold's hair (...get it out...)
       Am                         G
Harold fell off the stand, on his head he landed
F              C
Like a wimp he laid there and cried
       Am                          G
Till I climbed on down, picked him up off the ground
       F                      G                             C     F    C
And it didn't take us long to decide...that squirrel had to die
     G       F
Good-bye squirrel
                 C    F 
With black-eyed peas
           C             G  F
Your gonna taste good to me-squirrel
            C     F
It's you or me
        C            G    F
Come on out of that tree-squirrel
              C   F
Hey guess what
             C          G   F
You've eaten your last nut-squirrel
C                              F
Me and Harold went down to the surplus store
C                   G
Bought a keg of dynomite
    C                   F
Two baseball bats and a case of M80's
        C          G         C
We were in for one heck of a fight-we'll show you
C                               F                     
When your huntin' with dumb and dumber
C                             G 
Somethings surely bound to go wrong-now be careful
C                        F        
And when Harold lit that real short fuse
C         G           C
I knew it wouldn't be long
         Am       G
When the dynamite blew
         F        C 
Harold's foot did too
    Am               G
And fingers began to fly
               F                          G
We were barely alive when the Game Warden 'rived
    F           G                             C     F    C
And much to our suprise, that squirrel didn't die
     G   F
Good-bye squirrel
                    C      F
Just one more shot (boom)  
            C         G    F
You'll be in my crock pot-squirrel
                   C   F
You'll make a lunch 
         C         G    F
You over grown chipmunk-squirrel
                 C   F
I'll skin ya hide
           C             G     F
And make a hat when it's dried-squirrel

Dadblame, Earl, my gosh, Ronnie Milsap could see better than you.
I said gimme that, gimme that gun... Look out!(boom boom .. boom)
I think I killed something.

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