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Cliff Richard - Move It tab

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Move It:Cliff Richatd.
#2 in UK in '58.


E                                       E7
Come on pretty baby let's move it and a groove it,
E                                                   E7 
Well, shake, oh baby, shake, oh Honey, please don't lose it.
E                                         E7 
It's rhythm that gets into your heart and soul,
E                                              E7 
Well, let me tell you baby it's called rock 'n roll.
E7   A                                         A7
They say it's gonna die, but honey please lets face it,
A7         E                                E7
Well, they just don't know what's a-gonna replace it.
Well, ballads and calypso's have got nothing on,
real country music that just drives along.
C'mon, Honey, move it! 

REPEAT #1 & 2.

A fabulous fifties hit from Kraziekhat.

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