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Cliff Richard - The Game chords

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Cliff Richard

Intro: Dm - Dm/C# - Dm/C -Dm/B - C -C/B - Am

Here I am, I'm so free,
C - C/B - Am         C7
But old independent me
F                   G            C-C/B-Am
I'm a man of means, a man of property
Dm - Dm/C# - Dm/C - Dm/B        
For every race, that I run
C - C/B - Am               C7
Is one more that must be won
F                         G              C - C-E7-Am
And what's more I know, I've only just begun

A7                                Dm
Oh but honestly sometimes I wonder
G7                      C    C/B-Am
What this game I play is about
A7                       Dm
When I come home at night I discover
G7                       C    C/B-Am
Nothing's change since I went out
A7                       Dm
Guess I must be a fool or a dreamer
G7                   C      C/B-Am
Or what other way could it be
             A7            Dm                 
All the lovers I've known gave me more 
G7                       C
Than they got from me

Repeat intro:


I should have changed, but it's hard
Something keeps me on my guard
I've never been prepared
To hold the losing card, no, never
But before, it's too late
I've got to come to terms with fate
The love and life I've known
I'm not inclined to wait

_This is one of the songs that inspired me 
  to learn to play the guitar.
  Damn happy to share it with you guys!
  Corrections / suggestions are more than welcome.
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