Clifford T Ward - A Day To Myself chords

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			     A Day to Myself  - Clifford T Ward 
Tabbed by:Jock68
A really great song, I would appreciate anyones help to get it right. 
Tuning: Standard

Intro G C G C D C G C D C G
It's all so different now
From just a few weeks ago
When April was about to smile on England
C                     G
And I had to go.

So here I am again
Far from where the blackbird sings
And lanes I love to walk along
C                G
Lost in my thoughts
D                    G
And what of you my love
C                     D
Though you're so far away
G               C                    D
Yet so close to me in all I do and see.

C G  C  D   C   G   C  D  C  G  

And so on my day off
I could have chosen monuments
Historic chateau, palaces
C                                 G
Or finding ways of improving my French
Instead I wandered out alone
Here where woods and fields abound
And in a quiet corner found the resting place
C                              G
Of English soldiers killed in war.

D                     G
And what of them my love
C                    D
Who died so far from home
 G               C
No last farewell kiss
                   D     G C D C   G  C D  C  G
All that remains is this.

C                        D     Em     C
It makes me so ashamed to feel alone
                   D?         G   C
Whatever would they think of me
               D       G C  D  
For I shall see my love again.
C G C D C G C  D  C G  C  D  C G

It's all so different now
From those few years ago
When April smiled so sweetly still
C                          G
And they had to go

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