Closer 2 Closure - Heartache Hotel tab

eadgbd capo 3 fret    NOTE: letters a b c d e f g are not referring to chord names.
the high D rings throughout whole song basically
  a            b        c              d
D|-0-----------0-|  D|---------------------|
b|-0-----------0-|  b|---------------------|
g|-0-----------0-|  g|-2s/4s/2p0-----------|
d|-2-----------2-|  d|-------------------0-|
a|-3-----------2-|  a|---------------------|
e|-0-----------0-|  e|----------------0h3--|
Hey this      And this
feels a lot   one is just
like a        Em!
Cm chord..

this part goes a, b, a, b, c. a, b, a, b, d. right?

Somewhere along this chord comes in..
but of course, they're doing something more like ..
this W = whole note or 4 beats h = halfa..
or 2 in this case "strums" works for me
                                     Last riff.. the outro!
   e          f           a   g
D|--------W h h h h-------0---0-------------------------------------0--|-0----|
                  a makes a comeback played a few time then goes onto g play with them, 
they go back and forth a few times

"Yous cans do it!" Swisgaar Skwigelf
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