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Cobra Skulls - Ill Always Be A Cobra Skull Folk Off chords

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Song: I'll Always Be A Cobra Skull (Folk Off)
Band: Cobra Skulls
Album: Sitting Army
Tabber: TorrentSurvivor(aka Manowar313)

I'm trying to get a few more skulls songs out, 
I no I've only done the acoustic but they are the easiest.
Keep an eye out for "Never Be A Machine" next though,
Cobra Skull forever over here! Enjoy

Note: The last line of every verse is sung 3 times



When I get home
I'm going to pick up that old guitar bass of mine
C                                Am
and take it for a walking down a bass line
I'll take my girl and show her
G                                       Em
how to make up for lost time when I get home
    F                G               C
and pick up that old guitar bass of mine


Verse 2:

When I get back
we'll make up for the loving that we lack
C                                       Am
I'll tell you about my traveling down a railroad track
I know you turn to leave is coming
G                                  Em
I hope you can pack, I'll still be playing
F                    G                C
that same old guitar bass when you get back


Verse 3:

F                 G
When you are gone
G                              F
I'll play this song to keep me warm
G                              Am
I'll play this song and it'll mend me when I'll torn
so if you feel a cold wind blow
and have no shelter from the storm
F             G                C
remember this song to keep you warm


and I'll still be playin'
F          G                C
that same guitar when you get back
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