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Cocteau Twins - Serpentskirt tab

Cocteau Twins - Serpentskirt

From the album:    Milk & Kisses 
Words/Music: Cocteau Twins

Tabs:    Marcus H. Pedersen
Added To UG By Mikhailo

Ohhhhhh........I guess this is my all time favorite song of ALL songs....

Intro/verse (riff 1):

Play this riff several times (clean guitar with lots of chorus and reverb)

e --------------------------------
B -------0------------------------
G ------------0-------------------
D -----------------2--------------
A ----------------------2---------
E ----------------------------0---

After a couple of times...another guitar plays this riff at the end of riff 1

e -------------------------------------------------------
B ---------7------------------------9----------7---------
G --------7-------------------------9----------7---------
D --------5-------------------------7----------5---------
A -------------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------------

Just before the chorus a guitar plays this:

e --------12-----------------
B --------------13--------13-
G -------------------14------
D ---------------------------
A ---------------------------
E ---------------------------


Am ( x 0 7 9 10 8) - C (barre chord 8. fret) - Em (barre chord 7. fret)
  - D (barre chord 5. fret)


E - D - A
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