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Cocteau Twins - Tishbite tab

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Cocteau Twins - Tishbite
From the album:    Milk & Kisses 
Words/Music: Cocteau Twins

Tabs:    Marcus H. Pedersen
Added To UG By Mikhailo

Another wonderful song from M&K.........

Intro/verse (riff 1):

Play this riff several times (clean guitar with lots of chorus and reverb)

e ----------------5--------------------5--------
B ----------5---------5---------5--------5------
G -----6-------------------7--------------------
D ----------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------

During the verse another guitar plays this chord several times:

e --------9-----------
B -------10-----------
G --------9-----------
D --------------------
A --------------------
E --------------------

Then in the chorus it goes:

A - D - E - D


A: x x x 9 10 9

D: x x x 11 10 10

E: x x x 13 12 12
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