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Cody Carnes - Walls chords

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Walls by Cody Carnes
Album: All He Says I Am

Intro:C#m                          A         F#m  


Verse 1: C#m                                 A               F#m
        We are daughters and sons singing as one, we've got a hope now
          C#m                                          A  
        The walls have tried to divide but nothing can hide the power that
        We've found
         C#m                                   A                   F#m
        You are walking with us and all of the walls are turning to dust
                 B (hold) 
        They are falling down 

Chorus:    A               C#m                E                       B
       Sing praise we sing praise we fill the sky with songs from our hearts
           A               C#m                E                      B (hold)
       Sing praise we sing praise till enemies know how faithful you are 

       O God

Repeat Intro 

Verse 2: C#m                                     A               F#m
        I will lift up your name put darkness in chains You go before us 
         C#m                                       A                F#m
        And love is swallowing fear and all of the walls will soon disappear
        They are crumbling down

Repeat Chorus x2(band in full) 

Interlude: C#m                A     F#m

Bridge: C#m                                        A            F#m
       Walls are coming down walls are coming down oh oh oh oh oh oh oh woah
       REPEAT X6  (begin building on #3 full band in on #5)

Big Interlude: C#m           A     F#m (repeat once) 

REPEAT CHORUS X2 (full band, give it everything you got)

Repeat Intro x2 

End on C#m
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