Cody Wilkerson - Ole Clay Roads chords

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          G            D          A             C
    Well, I was headed down that ole dirt road the other day,
          G          D         A         C
    listening to some ole songs by George Jones,
        G           D           A               C
    I saw that all ole palm flat where we used to play,
        G     D      A       C
    ride out till the break of dawn,
        G        D           A          C
    I could see us all sittin' round the bonfire,
       G         D           A           C
    drinking cold brew like we were well of age,
       G        D         A           C
    and I swear I could see us clear as day....

       G         D        A         C         
    There ain't nothin' like an old melody,
      G          D        A         C 
    that brings on back a memory when we rode,

    aww we rode,
      G               D        A       C
    from catching bullfrogs down by the creek,
     G            D          A         C
    amd sinking our shit in that ole deep mud,
     G          D           A         C
    yahh we rode, down them ole' clay roads..

Verse 2=
      G       D          A           C
   On my way out to old road 10 I could see,
      G       D           A              C
   those rusty old rims that we blew out on that big pine knot,
      G       D         A       C
   It's how times they seem to change,
      G       D         A         C
   but the memories always remain the same..



      G            D           A         C
   Times change, people fade, the clay looses its way,
      D          A       C
   but one thing stays the same,
    G         D          A        C
   but thats just the memories we've made...

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