Coffey Anderson - My Soul Magnifies chords

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My soul magnifies

verse 1
c2       G            c2
with my hands I can raise

c2       G              c2
with my voice give you praise

c2             G                    c2
the wind will blow the oceans will roar

c2           G                   c2
you paid a price that I cannot afford


c2          G             A
O my soul magnifies the Lord

for the mighty one 

G                Em    c2
has done great things, my savior


c2             G            c2
you nailed my past to the cross

c2             G        c2
count it all joy not a loss

c2             G         c2
your grace is enough for me

c2                       G
heaven and earth will bless

Em                 c2
but still you will be
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