Coheed And Cambria - The Hound tab

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Coheed & Cambria
The Hound (Of Blood & Rank)
Good Apollo Im Burning Star IV Vol. 2: No World For Tomorrow

Em            D                      Am
Was it in the cold of that knife you screwed?
In the heart of the enduring
Em              D                     Am
‘Cause when you opened that door, you knew,
well now there’d be no returning
Em         D                  Am
or room to mourn what we have lost
to wait while the willing
Em            D                Am
As you're the Hound of Blood & Rank,
and boy, you've got another thing coming.

Em                         Am            G
Come on, come on, come on, you've got to give it to me.
Em                        Am          G
As though you want it to. Come on and set me free.

                       C                                  Am
I'll dig it till we've made your grave. Oh, you've been a bad, bad boy.
                   C                              Am
I'll cut it 'til I carve it out and stick it in a sad, sad song. N-n-no, no, no.
        C                          Am
Why the bother, you're no brother. You’re the wrong I need.
        C                      A
Boy, we all found an audience, while you found the worst of me.

Em                     D                           Am
Put 'em up against the wall, now they're all of no use to you.
          C                    Em             D            Am
God, it's time for the curing, only you're in for that big refuse.
         C                                Em         D
Suprise, boy! This tide's come a turning. No room to mourn what you have 
       C                          Em          D                  Am
On, no waiting while the willing, poor little hound of blood and rank,
who deserves every ounce of what's coming.

We caught you on the wrong side of lying,
within the dust we left you dying
if only words can keep you hiding.
Well go on, cowards we've offed you, cowards we've offed you.
C                     Am
It's all on you, boy. It's all on you, boy.
C                     Am
It's all on you, boy. It's all on you, boy.
C                     Am
It's all on you, boy. It's all on you, boy.
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