Colbie Caillat - The Little Things chords

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This is mostly the tab by, but to make it easier to play, 
here it is, not in F#, but in G

Intro: Em-D-G/B-C x2

Verse 1:
Em                  D
  The little things, you do to me are
G/B              C
  taking me over, i wanna show you
Em           D
  everything inside of me oh
G/B                         C
  like a nervous heart that, is crazy beating
Em                       D
  my feet are stuck here, against the pavement
G/B                   C
   i wanna break free, i wanna make it
Em                    D
  closer to your eyes, get your attention
G/B                  C
  before you pass me by

So back up back up
take another chance
Donít you mess up mess up
I donít wanna lose you
Wake up wake up 
this aint just a thing that you
Give up give up 
donít you say that Iíd be
G          D
Better off better off
 Em                  C
sleepin by myself and wonderin
     G           D
If im better off better off
    Em     G
without you boy

(Repeat Intro)

Verse 2:
Em               D
  And every time, you notice me by
G/B                C
  holdin me closely, and sayin sweet things
Em                D
  i don't believe, that it could be
   G/B                    C
you speak in your mind and, sayin the real thing
Em                   D
  my feel broke free, and i am leavin
G/B                     C
i'm not gonna stand here, feelin lonely but
Em                  D
  i don't regret it, and i don't think this
G/B                   C
  was just a waste of time

(Repeat Chorus)

            Em   D  G/B    C
don't just leave me hanging on

(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Bridge once)
(Repeat Chorus)
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