Coldplay - Your Love Means Everything chords

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Artist; Coldplay/Faultine

Song: Your Love Means Everything 


Capo=6th Fret

A#= x22100
Fm= x24432

This Is My first Tab...:P I don Know If correct...Sounds Okay

[A#] I slipped away last night
Took me away from sight and the Fm place I know. D#
[A#] All crushed upon my skin
This mess I put you in and the [Fm] punch i threw.D#

[A#]It was a strange reaction
for someone like you to [Fm]remain on side D#
[A#}And in a chain reaction
I was down and calling for[Fm} a place to hide.D#

[Thats It Folks] Continue All The Way through...

I saw a broken arm
Machines will all break down in the way I know.
Mended and all made clean
I saw up on the screen all the stones I throw.

It was a strange reaction
for someone like you to remain so sure
And in a chain reaction
I dissolve and break and then away I crawl.

Cheers Coldplay Lovers

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