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Colin Hay - What Would Bob Do tab

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From the Are you lookin' at me album.

Chords used:

G: 320033
Cadd9: X32033
A7sus4: x02033
Dsus4: XX0233
Em7: 022033

Intro: G Cadd9 A7sus4 Dsus4

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G                    Cadd9      A7sus4           Dsus4 
Looks like this may well be it, yeah we're going down
G                 Cadd9      Dsus4              G
Oceans fast approaching and theres a screeching sound
G                  Cadd9         A7sus4           Dsus4 
Found that little old black box that they all listen too
G                 Cadd9         Dsus4            G
Last words that were spoken were what would Bob do

G              Cadd9   Em7           Dsus4
What would Bob do,     what would Bob do
G             Cadd9   Dsus4         G
What would Bob do,    what would Bob do

Same chords used through out. Comments/corrections welcome.
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