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Colin Hay - Not So Lonely tab

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From the Wayfaring Sons album.

Chords used:

G - 320033
C - X32010 (can be played as Cadd9 - X32033, whichever sounds best to you)
D - XX0232
Em - 022000 (can be played as Em7 - 022033

Intro: G - Cadd9

There is some chanting of "Chan'eil mi nis nam aonar", which I'm told means "I am not 
now", but I have no idea what language it is.


Strong wind

Strong wind blowing

Dark clouds form

Storm is brewing

Thunder and lightning

Surrounds our shelter

G                                     C
We make love as the rains lash at our window

D         Em
Now I remember

           G  C
I'm not so lonely

Same chords throughout. Comments welcome.
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