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Colin Hay - Oh California chords

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Colin Hay
American Sunshine
1 - Oh California

A really beautiful song from a really beautiful album. Well, I think some
pieces of this are not right, but altogether, it works pretty nice. There is
also some plucking in this song that I didn't write down, but strumming the 
chords works fine. I'm not sure about some names of the chords. And I'm also 
not sure about the bridge part. Feel free to correct me.



Chords, relative to Capo:
D - 000232
Em9 - 020032
D/E - 002032
Bm - 024432
E - 079997
Dii - 005700
D* - 057775

Intro: D Em9 D/E D x2


D                             Em9
I thought I'd never reach the water

        D/E                       D
I had to cross the desert and the great divide

D                    Em9
Drinking only golden promises

    D/E               D
And white lines in my eyes


Bm      E
Oh California

              Dii                   D*
Yeah it's the one big love that you cannot end

Bm      E
Oh California

          Dii                        D*
Well it's not like before but we can still pretend

This should be it. The same chords are used through the whole song. 
I think the bridge uses the Chorus chords, but I'm a bit unsure about this.
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