Colin Hay - Goodbye My Red Rose chords

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A                            C#m
I didn't love you till you'd gone
D                          Bm      E
You told me not to give my heart away
A                        C#m
You were right and I was wrong
D                               Bm       E         
I should have known, I couldn't make you stay

Bm   E

A                        C#m
I bless the day you were born
D                       Bm   E
I curse the day you saw into me
A                           C#m
You said my eyes were so forlorn
D                           Bm        E
Now when I'm alone I let my tears run free
             Bm E    Bm  E  F#m
They flow so easy,   easily

   A   C#m   Bm E   A
So goodbye   my red rose
     D  C#m Bm   A      E     Bm
Your memory      won't fade away
A    C#m  Bm   E  A
When the  curtain falls
   D    C#m Bm    A  E        Bm
We know you won't be back for more

I wonder where you hang your clothes
But on this I never dwell too long
I asked around but no one knows
I should have known that would be your way
Not to, not to say

So goodbye my red rose
In the spring your scent will grow
There's no more curtain calls
And the man has put all the chairs away

So goodbye my red rose
There's no more, no more curtain calls
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