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Colin Hay - Womans Face tab

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From the Topanga album.

Chords used:

C#m 9 11 11 9 9 9
B - 799877
A - 577655
E - 022100

You can use open chords if you'd prefer.

Intro: C#m - B - A (I'm not sure what the slidey thing is, but it uses these chords)


A                        C#m  B
Don't put on that makeup

A                        C#m  B
Don't cover your skin

A                        C#m  B
Let it be naked

A                        C#m  B
And let me look in 

A                        C#m  B
Don't put on that lipstick
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A                        C#m  B
Just this once

A                             C#m  B
I know you've got cracker lips

From racing the wind


E                            B  A
And if you ask me, what am I seeking

B                           C#m
Is there some truth, that I embrace

E                                B   A
I'm simple enough, and seeing is believing

And what I see, is a woman's face

Back to the verse chords, same throughout. Comments welcome.
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