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Colin Hay - And If You Only Knew tab

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From the Company Of Strangers album.

Chords used:

B - X24442
G#m - 466444
A - X02220
A2 - 577655
F#m - 244222
E - 022100
D - X57775
D/C# X4777X
Bm - X24432
Bbm - X13321

Intro: B - G#m - A - F#m

A2                D   D/C#   Bm               E
And if you only knew,      I could be good for you

A2                D   D/C#   Bm               E
You recognised in me,      The spirit of your youth

Bbm                   D
And still you walked away from yourself

Bbm                   D
What a thing to do

Bbm                   D
How do you think that I felt

Then the into chords and the chords are the same verse wise for the rest of it. I'm not 
about the Bbm. Comments/corrections welcome.
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