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Collective Soul - Man Without Skin tab

Collective Soul, Man without skin.
Tabbed by redmud,
Man Without Skin
Tabbed by: redmud (

Ok guys, this is all this awesome song is 

Chords used (in the form EADGBE)

1) 810101188
2) 88101088
3) 151517171515
4) 022XXX
5) 133XXX
6) 355XXX

And it goes in this pattern.....


1 1 1 1 1    2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3  2 2 2 2 
Can you see the line where the water ends....

For the bass and "harder" part, you can try these, but I'm not a bass player, it's the closest I can get
4 h5             5                  6
So I'm like a man without skin

And that's it and all.... email me with any questions or suggestions 
>please visit my website at

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