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Commander Venus - Do You Feel At Home chords

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This was originally posted by "JRobson" but it wasn't the complete song and was labelled
under Bright Eyes instead of Commander Venus. So I decided to finish the tabs and put
it under the right band. :)
And here is the link to the official site under Saddle Creek Records:

Capo on second fret. 4bts on A, 4 on E, 8 on D Lyrics begin on beat 3 of A
[A]Nobody's a
[E]round except the basement, And the
[D]trap sets and the feeling that you're
[D]leaving.That it's not much worth be
[A]lieving.Nobody is
[E]here, so I guessed it- that you
[D]left me. And to stay here just gets
[D]harder, and the pain makes you try

[A]farther.It's nothing left of what was
[E]sacred. If there was I'm sure we'd
[D]break it 'cause that's just the way we
[D]are man. And it's far to late to
[A]change it. And the places, and the
[E]vases, and the flowers cut to
[D]fit them. Hey I'm sorry I didn't notice, tried to
[D]tell you I wouldn't

[A]notice. And on and
[E]on with the
[D]ones left be
[A]where do you feel at
[E]home?Thats for
[D]you to de
[D]cide- and

[A]everything you said. It's all I (You're all the same)
[E]ever thought it was.  (You're all the same)
[D]all this time just all there was. (You're all the same)
[D]That's all there is (there is , there is).And
[A]everything I've tried to say. And (You're all the same)
[E]all you want is to go away. (You're all the same)
[D]Thats all here and you're not home.
[D]Forget, forget, forget..(You're all the same)

[A]Nobody is
[E]home so I guess I'll start pre
[D]tending. And the air keeps getting
[D]colder, and my friends keep getting
[A]older. And I know you knew the
[E]answer- it grew inside you like a
[D]cancer. Try to stop it, make it
[D]leave you, but it won't and that's what

[A]scares you. And I know it's not
[E]forever. Trying so hard to be
[D]clever.I never wanted this to
[D]happen.Why the hell'd this have to
[A]happen? And you left me, like you
[E]always said you wouldn't.. But you
[D]did it and I knew it- it has to
[D]happen. Ever since you turned

[A]Into them- And on and off
[E]with the ones
[D]left behind.
[D]   And
[A]where do you feel at
[E]home? Thats for
[D]you to
[D]decide- and

[A]everything you said? (off to shame)
[E]I never should have bought it...
[D]if you can't tell me this right now
[D]you are the same. I guess it's solid.
[A]Anything you said you'd do,
[E]hasn't meant a thing to you.
[D]Now you're gone, never did stay.
[D]Forget forget forget, forget.

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