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Compulsive Gamblers - Two Thieves chords

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[G] one was from the [C] east [D] the other from the [Em] west [C]
[Am] and I don't claim to [D] know either [Am] one of them's the [D] best
but I [C] know an good man [G] when I see one

your humour just as [C] black [D]as the bruises on your [Em] arms [C]
[Am] what you lacked in [D] skills you made [Am] up for with your [D] charms
you [C] said it was just some new [G] infection

but if the [D] two of you had met both your [Am] mothers would have [C] wept
two peas in a [G] pod or just [D] two thieves [C]
on the nod [G]

you stole your [C] education [D] while the students were [Em] asleep [C]
you [Am] wrapped your history [D] up in blankets [Am] and sank it in the [D] deep
you said [C] what's saved was worth per[G]fection

you were my [C] ambassador [D] to a world that didn't [Em] care [C]
[Am] bad luck on your [D] side mirrored [Am] shades and dirty [D] hair
when I [C] look all I see is my own [G]reflection

[G] [C] [D] [Em] [C] [Am] [D] [Am] [D] [C] [G]

well they twitched and they [C]winked [D]
you would show me we are thick as [Em] thieves [C]
but [Am] you empty out my [D] wallet and my [Am] ashtray as you [D] leave
did you for[C]get that I was your only [G] friend ?

two months on the [C] road [D] and I don't know how to say good [Em] bye [C]
[Am]maybe I should [D] bury all those [Am] memories of [D] you
but I don't [C] ever want to see them [G] die

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