Conditions - Illuminati chords

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Capo on 2 fret
All by ear, Enjoy

Intro: C#m, E, A, B [x2] 
                 E                        A
   I'll press my lips to yours to explain
                B                  C#m
   Sporadically use my tounge to reiterate
          E                 A                  B
   In the form of an oxygen dream i'm dying to breathe you deeply

C#m                E                              
   Someday someday i'll have to turn and walk away
A                  B
   To find my place i'll search this whole world over
C#m                    E                           
   But everything i am you've got it, you've go it
A                    B
   And i will return i swear i, i swear it

C#m            A                     A
   Though i am gone i'm still right here
   Just like i've been for twnty-one years
C#m                      E           A
   And it's all i that i know how to be
   I promise don't worry about me


C#m        E              A            B
   I'll return to you the day your hope is freed and all the ends
C#m               E                A         B
   I'll cauterize your hand in mine and never let go

   REFRAIN: C#m, E, A, B, C#m


Thankyou! Hope you enjoyed!
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