Conditions - Natural Competition chords

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Tabbed by: Erik Bihl
Band: Conditions
Song: Natural Competition
Album: Fluorescent Youth
Its all by ear.
Tell me if i should change something.

Intro: Eb F#m

Verse: Eb Ab Bm C#m

Stick: C#m

Chorus: Eb F#m Bm C#m


Compete to survive
It's a way of life
It is natural competition
When we have our doubts
The weak are weeded out
It is natural selection

This action brings me to you
I've no clue how you stand here now
Has it failed somehow?
And now you're walking the Earth with your curse
You are inside out

Who you are is really coming together
Your color's coming under your skin
And you will glow a shade of yellow forever
Letting people know to never ever let you in

Your lack of speech
Makes me believe
You were skipped by evolution
There are sounds we make
That could set things straight
But you don't know how to use them

Afraid to open your mouth
It comes out in a clearer way than you ever could say
But now you're walking the Earth with your curse
Slowly fading away

And now you're tangled in a wicked web
Made of everything that you wish you never did 
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