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Confederate Railroad - She Took It tab

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Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 18:38:06 -0600 (CST)

                       SHE TOOK IT LIKE A MAN

                  written by: Paul Nelson, Danny Mayo, and Karen Staley
                  performed by Confederate Railroad on their self-titled album.



1.I hated like the devil
  To tell her we were through
  I was sure it would break her heart
  Tear her world in two

  She is such a fragile thing
  Lord, I hate to make her cry
         G              C
  So I broke it to her gently
       D           C        G
  When I told her goodbye

       C                D
C.She cussed me like a sailor
  Kicked a hole through the kitchen wall
  She threw a fit and threw the phone
        G            C
  Half-way down the hall

  She said"I'll be down at the bar"
          C                     D
  Then I heard the front door slam
  I guess all in all
       C              G       CCGG
  She took it like a man

2.I was thinking she'd reach out to me
  And beg me not to go
  Or run straight to her momma's
  'Cause I'd hurt her so

  Thought she'd be devastated
  I had a tender moment plan
  I didn't think that she could take it
  But she took it like a man

Repeat Chorus

                Transcribed by: Paul Leafgreen
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