Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band - One Of My Kind tab

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This is beautiful song by Conor Oberst, featured in the "One of My Kind" documentary, 
sadly not on "Outer South." I got these chords from watching Conor play it on the website.


Capo 3

I can't live in this city

But I was born here

And I know all these people

Where they went to high school

Where they got their angle

Here they waited tables

Still call me brother

Like Cain and Abel

There, see all those old men

How'd they get so swollen?

I got so many broke friends

Who say I owe them

From when we were children

How did it happen?

Where is it going?

Is that your question, man?

Dm                  Bb               Dm
Where does all your frustration lie?

            C                               Dm
Why are you pulling out your hair at night?

Just try and have a good time

F  C   Dm  A  Bb
All the rest aside

 Bb                           F       A      Dm      C
You're still one of my kind
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